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Over 40 years of experience

The principle, Leonard Fowler, PLS 7238, combines over 40 years of unique experience in the related fields of land surveying, civil engineering, and construction.

Whether you are ready to build a shopping center, a custom home, or just want to find your property corners, Leonard and his staff have the experience and expertise to provide the quality and accuracy needed to meet all of your land surveying needs.


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Land survey
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There on your behalf

When you choose us, we will provide a highly technical and complex service. A land surveyor is a member of a professional team, made up of an attorney, title company, architect, engineer, and others, who prepares the foundation for your project to be built.  When you have a controversial case, we will appear in court on your behalf, as an expert witness. No one else can assume responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of our work.

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